Toulouse on the Loose is Magnifique

Toulouse on the Loose! by Kimberly Thompson, illustrated by Chris Easley (ages 3-6)

Fancy Nancy would be proud of this little French bird.  Toulouse, an artistic French turkey, comes to America to paint some of our national treasures.  Unfortunately, Toulouse makes that visit right before Thanksgiving.  Little does he know that he might end up becoming part of the menu.  Will Toulouse be pardoned by the President in time?

A little larger than the average picture book, Toulouse is filled with fine illustrations of some of our Nation’s most recognizable monuments.  Illustrator Chris Easey deftly handles the illustration of the President, showing him only from behind or in part to allow for future Presidents (until we have a woman President).  In the back, there are some Thanksgiving recipes and pages for you to write down your own travel memories.  A great book for Thanksgivings for years to come.

Toulouse on the Loose, by Kimberly Thompson, illustrated by Chris Easley, Little Pigeon Books, $19.95