The Mighty Lalouche

mightylaloucheThe Mighty Lalouche is a feel-good, inspiring story to start off the summer! Lalouche is a French postman living in a Paris apartment without a view. Although Lalouche is small and bony, he is also nimble, fast, and strong. All the qualities of a great postman! One day the postal service decides to buy a fleet of cars to replace the walking postman, leaving Lalouche out of a job and worried about where he and his pet finch, Genevieve, will live. ¬†On his way home, Lalouche sees a sign for the Bastille Boxing Club and goes to inquire. The boxing manager discounts Lalouche based on his size and stature, but Lalouche is determined to be a boxer. With his speed, strength, and agility, Lalouche takes on on the biggest and best boxers of the world, proving to all that looks aren’t everything.
Not to be left out is a brief discussion of the art. The pictures are delicately crafted out of paper cut-outs, then layered and arranged to create intricate and beautiful scenes. My two favorite depictions are the 2-page spreads of the victory scene and the view of Paris from Lalouche’s apartment.
— Leah
The Mighty Lalouche, by Matthew Olshan, illustrated by Sophie Blackall; Schwartz & Wade, $17.99