Haley’s Pick of the Day

imagesPop-Up House of Inventions, by Robert Crowther, ages 3 and up!

Did you know that the Jacuzzi brothers invented the first whirlpool bath  for a family member with arthritis?? Or that the first recorded birthday celebrations were those of  the early Egyptian Pharaohs? Robert Crowther’s Pop-Up House of Inventions includes “hundreds of fabulous facts about your home” in a fun and interactive manner.  Detailing one room at a time, children can look inside the washing machine, check under the bed, pull the shade, and look inside the wardrobe to find out random and unexpected truths about anything and everything inside their home! This fact-filled book presents parts of our history in a kid- friendly way. Children ages 3 and up who love snooping around the house or simply storing up fast facts will adore this new book.

Pop-Up House of Inventions, $17.99, Candlewick Press


There are Cats in this Book

There are cats in this book coverThere are cats in this book, by Viviane Schwarz, ages 3-6

A book for cat lovers everywhere and their children.  This fun, new, interactive lift-the-flap book will keep you entertained for hours.  Three little cats spend the story doing what cats do: napping under a blanket, playing with yarn and wanting some fish.  The difference in this book is you as the reader get to interact with them.  The cats ask you to turn the pages, throw some yarn to them, and pillow fight as well.  Each flap that you lift changes the scene and brings a new reaction from the cats.  Praise to Viviane Schwarz for bringing something new to a familiar genre.

There are cats in this book, by Viviane Schwarz; 2008; $16.99; ages 3-6

Megan’s Pick of the Day 4/10/09

Mommy, Where Are You? by Leonid Gore, Ages 2-5

9781416955054Ozzy wakes up one morning and can’t find his mommy anywhere! He races off on a frantic search. Is she behind the fence? In the flowers? Up in the tree? Swimming in the lake? No, no, no! Ozzy works himself into a wild tizzy only to discover Mommy in the most obvious of places.

Leonid Gore’s story is simple, punctuated by Ozzy’s refrain of  “there you are!” as he repeatedly mistakes various woodland plants and animals for Mommy. The unique illustrations are sure to draw young adventurers into the story, using broad, colorful brushstrokes and liftable flaps to create a lush setting for the little mouse family. This is an excellent “snuggle-time” story for mommies and little ones to enjoy together!

Mommy, Where Are You? by Leonid Gore, $16.99, Ginee Seo Books, pub. March 2009

Enjoy a good book today!