That’s Not a Good Idea!

MoWillems at his best! A fun, energetic read-aloud with a repeated refrain and a mischievous twist at the end, presented in a cinematic style reminiscent of silent movies. When Mother Goose meets a charming, flirtatious wolf in the woods, the little goslings try to warn her of impending doom. Reading this book aloud is not a good idea, it’s a great one!  We tried it at a story time for kindergarten graduates, and it was a big hit!

That Is NOT a Good Idea! by Mo Willems; Balzer & Bray, $17.99

Darth Vader = Dad?

vaderMay the 4th be with you!  (and with your son and little princess)

 Don’t just celebrate May the 4th with your little Luke: Jeffrey Brown delivers a much anticipated Vader’s Little Princess so your little Leia can participate in May the 4th too! Just like Darth Vader and Son, Brown plays on scenes and language from the movies to create a story of what Vader may have had to encounter while parenting Leia. The difference with this iteration is that Vader also has to deal with teenage Leia and learning to drive, her relationship with Han Solo, and her fashion choices. It’s an adorable, quick read and the latest must-have for Star Wars fans!



Penelope Crumb

For fans of Clementine or Katie Kazoo who are are looking for a new series, try the Penelope Crumb series by Shawn Stout. Penelope is a spunky and hilarious fourth grader with a penchant for speaking before she thinks. She loves art class until her best friend draws a picture of her, and Penelope learns she has a big nose. Her mom tells her she has a Crumb nose just like her grandpa so Penelope makes it her mission to track down this mysterious grandpa she’s never met.

penelopecrumb2For those of you who are already Penelope Crumb fans, check out the newest book. In Penelope Crumb Never Forgets, Penelope is off on more adventures; mainly, trying to ensure that she doesn’t lose her best friend, or forget anyone that is important to her. Penelope is an honest, funny fourth grader with a huge imagination. These charming chapter books are also great read alouds with enough complexity to keep older readers engaged too.

Join us for a book signing with Shawn Stout on Monday, February 18th at 7:00 p.m.

Penelope Crumb by Shawn Stout; Penguin; $5.99; Ages 7 and up

Penelope Crumb Never Forgets; $14.99

That’s Mine!

thatsmineWe’ve mentioned Candace Fleming’s book Oh No! recently, and for those of you who enjoyed it, I highly recommend That’s Mine! I love this brand-new picture book by Michael Van Zeveren. In That’s Mine! a frog discovers a mysterious egg, which he claims as his own, despite the protests of the other animals. The snappy dialogue and animal sounds make this book perfect for read-alouds.  Little ones will enjoy guessing whom the egg belongs to and what’s inside. Its bright colors and humorous twist at the end are sure to please even the youngest reader.


That’s Mine! by Michael Van Zeveren; Gecko Press; $17.95

Five Flavors of Dumb

In search of a funny YA read? Try Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John. It’s anything but dumb.

Seattle’s newest high school band is Dumb. That is literally their name and Piper thinks it fits. But when Dumb wins the battle of the bands, Piper inadvertently becomes their manager. There are just a few problems-they only know one song, one member can’t even play guitar, they don’t have a drummer, and Piper is deaf. But she’s in desperate need of cash and determined to turn Dumb into a real rock band.

This fun foray into rock-n-roll is a great, quick YA read about the world’s most unlikely high school rock band. Antony John sends his characters on a crash course through Seattle’s rock history, while raising some interesting questions about being a deaf teenager.  Piper’s often snarky voice will make you laugh as she tries to transform Dumb into a band that really rocks.   — Erin

Five Flavors of Dumb,by Antony John, Speak, $8.99

The Fault in Our Stars: A must have!

John Green has made quite the name for himself in the YA world, with novels like Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska. His latest was just released this week and is already getting lots of positive buzz in the book world. Several of us have read it and absolutely love it!

Hazel and Augustus meet in the most unusual place — a cancer support group. Though the setting alone may lead a reader to believe the story will be heavy and depressing, it’s anything but. Filled with sarcasm and hysterical wit, you’ll be both laughing and crying through the entire book. Sometimes both at the same time!

Teens and adults will each take something away from this heartfelt and honest novel of first love, whimsy, and raw soul. Buy it for everyone you know!

We have lots of copies in stock, ALL of them signed! We’d be happy to set one aside for you (or ship you one if you’re out of the area). We also have copies of Green’s other titles for you to purchase, as well. Just give us a call! 703-548-4092.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green; $17.99; Dial Books; Ages 14+

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

If you like supernatural teen fiction, you will love Paranormalcy.  Evie is a heroine with pizazz and spunk.  As the only human who can see through any  paranormal creature’s glamor, Evie’s job is to capture and neutralize dangerous paranormal creatures such as hags, vampires, and the occasional werewolf.  While her job can be very exciting, living in an underground compound surrounded by adults and paranormal creatures can be pretty tedious.  Things get interesting for Evie, though, when she develops a crush on an almost normal paranormal guy.

This is an engaging story with lots of fun characters and a heroine worth emulating. Evie is a strong girl who does not let other people tell her who she is.  Kiersten White’s story is clean enough for pre-teens yet engaging enough for older teens. Parents who object to dark themes will be pleased with the tameness in this teen novel.  Paranormalcy has an exciting plot, a fabulous heroine, and a great message of empowerment.

Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White; HarperTeen; $16.99; Ages 12 and up