Book Review: Edgar Gets Ready for Bed by Jennifer Adams

9781423635284_p0_v1_s260x420“Edgar, finish your vegetables!”

“Nevermore!” quoth the tiniest little raven you’ll ever see.  The literature-themed board book series BabyLit gets an even more adorable addition with this Edgar Allen Poe-inspired picture book.  Edgar struggles through dinner, clean-up time, bath time, and bedtime stories, until his mama finally assures him that no matter what, she will love him “evermore”.  Will you ever find a cuter introduction to important American literature? I think you know the answer to that…

Edgar Gets Ready for Bed by Jennifer Adams; Gibbs Smith Publishers; 16.99; 3-6 years old.

Book Review: The Mermaid and the Shoe by K. G. Campbell

The Mermaid and the ShoeAll of Triton’s mermaid daughters have special skills and interests, except for Minnow, who just seems to get in the way.  Minnow asks too many questions, like “Why don’t crabs have fins?” and “Where do bubbles go?” But when Minnow finds a mysterious object, that tireless curiosity leads her on a journey to discover what it’s for, and maybe even to discover what it is that makes Minnow unique.

I love that where most mermaid books are aimed at pre-teens or teenagers, this sweet, beautifully illustrated story is for the younger set.  It’s also nicely reminiscent of The Little Mermaid, without any of more “grown-up” aspects of the original story.  Its simplicity, innocence, and fairy-tale feel make The Mermaid and the Shoe really stand out from the mermaid crowd.

The Mermaid and the Shoe by K. G. Campbell; Kids Can Press; 16.95; 3-6 years old

We know you still miss Pluto

Pluto, the ninth planet of our solar system for so long, was reclassified a dwarf planet on August 24, 2006, 6 years ago. Most of the little ones who will be reading this book won’t remember counting Pluto as they recited the planets, yet we know a lot of you do remember this small planet. No one was more upset than Pluto himself. Word travels very slowly throughout the solar system, after all Pluto is an average of 3.6 billion miles away from the earth. When Pluto finds out from a speedy space rock, he races to Earth to find out why. He passes five of our now eight planets on the way (Mercury and Venus were not on his route), so this story can also help teach the planets to little ones. Once Pluto reaches Earth, he is very angry. Astronomers don’t know what to say, they explain that Pluto just doesn’t fit the specifications to be a planet. Pluto isn’t happy until a child tells him that he is the very best, even if he is a dwarf planet and is very small. Pluto realizes that he is special and zooms back to his spot in the solar system.

Pluto Visits Earth! by Steve Metzger; illustrated by Jared Lee; Scholastic; hardcover; $16.99; ages 3-9

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Rocket Writes a Story

Rocket is using his knowledge from when he learned to read to piece together his very own story. Rocket finds words everywhere, from the world around him, and from his teacher, the yellow bird. When Rocket gathers together enough words, he tries to to write down his story, yet nothing is inspiring him like the books he reads. When his walks keep taking him to a tall pine tree with an empty nest on its tallest branch, Rocket finds the inspiration he was looking for, as well as an unlikely new friend and reader.

This book is great for kindergartners or 1st graders who are beginning to write stories of their own, especially if they’re having trouble finding their inspiration! Rocket teaches that inspiration can come from anywhere when you least expect it.

Happy Reading!


Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills; Random House; hardcover

April is National Poetry Month!

Sometimes poetry gets a bad rap. In school, poetry always ended up being the “boring” subject that no one wanted to participate in and I think if kids just had the right poems in their hands, they would see how fun and interesting poetry can really be!

April is National Poetry Month and we have a great poetry section in the store that will certainly spark an interest in your kids. Funny poems, shorts poems, long poems, dog poems, etc. We have something for every reader! If you or your children haven’t yet read any poetry together, April is definitely the month to do so. You can learn more about National Poetry month here.

One of the fun events that happens during Poetry Month is Poem in Your Pocket Day, which we encourage everyone to participate in! It’s easy: just selection a poem that you love, carry it in your pocket on April 26th, and share it with your friends, family, coworkers, etc. Spread the poetry love!

If you come into Hooray for Books! and share your poem with us, you’ll receive a gift from our grab bag!

Poetry can be cool, fun, and exciting! Just because it’s not a book with chapters or a picture book with lots of illustrations doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. Encourage your kids to read poetry and to have fun with it! We would love to show you some of our favorites in the store.

Every Thing On It by Shel Silverstein;$19.99; HarperCollins; Ages 4+

Here’s A Little Poem: A Very First Book of Poetry by Jane Yolen and illustrator Polly Dunbar; $21.99; Candlewick Press; Ages 4+

Need a little something extra with that holiday gift?

The holiday season is quickly descending upon us all, whether we’re ready for it or not!  For shoppers wanting to get a bit more than a book for a holiday gift, we have some fantastic dolls and plush to match some of our most popular books!

We have a Corduroy bear to pair with the classic Don Freeman read, Corduroy, and he is just adorable! We have Peter Rabbit, Pat the Bunny, and the sweet bunny from Goodnight Moon, as well. Perfect, not only for the holidays, but for baby gifts, as well.

Angelina Ballerina, Madeline, Fancy Nancy, and Eloise are all wonderful choices for little girls and we have beautiful dolls by the Madame Alexander company, all set to match your book choice.

Elephant & Piggie, the stars of Mo Willems’ hilarious early reader series, now have their own plush characters to go with the silly stories. We have the Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny too!

We have lots of other book/plush pairs for your gifts! Stop in or call to see if we have the pair you’re looking for.

ZooZical by Judy Sierra is Ridiculously Cute!

ZooZical Book Cover “One blustery morning, when frosty winds blew, When families stayed home, and when field trips were few, The midwinter doldrums arrived at the zoo.”

So starts this tale of winter at the zoo where the animals are so bored their spots are falling off and the snakes are tying themselves in knots. What are the animals to do? Why, put on a singing, dancing, acrobatical extravaganza! The animals work on their routines, their songs, and their costumes and sets; they make posters, etc. to have the “who’s who” of the town come to the event. Will it be a success?

What makes this book so cute is the rhyming text, as well as the bright illustrations and added humorous extras: the seals singing their rendition of “The Wheels on the Bus”, the porcupine singing “Oh my darling porcupine.” The book also takes the musical story all the way from idea through final bow, giving readers a complete tale.

A great book for those who love animal tales and who are looking for the next best thing after reading Circus Ship.

Zoozical by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Marc Brown; 2011; Alfred A. Knopf Publishing; 3-6; $17.99

A Ball For Daisy

A Ball For Daisy by Chris Raschka

Chris Raschka tells the wonderful tale of Daisy the dog and her ball without using  a single word. When Daisy’s favorite red ball bursts, the distraught pooch looks as though she may never be consoled. However, a gift from a new friend may turn the pup’s frown upside down. Raschka’s soft, charming, watercolor illustrations are all you need to understand the special bond between this sweet dog and her favorite toy.

A Ball For Daisy by Chris Raschka; Schwartz & Wade books; Ages 3-6; $16.99

A Friend for Einstein the Smallest Stallion

A Friend for Einstein the Smallest Stallion by Charlie Cantrell and Dr. Rachel Wagner

Meet Einstein, a small stallion with a big heart! Einstein is a very tiny pony from a breed of miniature horses. However, Einstein’s size makes it hard for him to make friends with the other horses, and the poor colt is lonely. After interacting with a slew of potential playmates (some kittens  and a turtle, to name a few), Einstein meets Lilly the dog. Lilly and Einstein are the perfect match and the two become fast friends!  With real-life photographs taken from their New Hampshire estate, Charlie Cantrell and Rachel Wagner present a sweet and unique tale!

A Friend for Einstein the Smallest Stallion by Charlie Cantrell  Dr. Rachel Wagner; Disney Hyperion Books; Ages 3-8; $16.99

Sugar and Ice by Kate Messner

Claire Boucher loves to ice skate. Growing up on a maple farm, she hasn’t had a lot of time for practicing, but has spent each free moment on the cow pond in the backyard, spinning and jumping. At the annual Maple Show, Claire is offered the opportunity to train with a class of elite skaters in Lake Placid, under the direction of a world famous coach. At first, she’s torn as to what to do, not wanting to leave the farm chores to someone else, but when her parents make it possible, Claire jumps at the chance to really skate.

When Claire arrives at the training camp, she is bombarded with catty girls and tough competition. When she has to make the decision to stay or go back to normal life at the farm, Claire must put her dream up against what matters most to her.

This was a sweet story, with a great message for young girls. Claire is a realistic character with goals she’s striving towards, yet her family and home keep calling to her. The decision she was forced to make is one that a lot of kids have to deal with at some point in their lives and it was handled in a believable and interesting way. Great descriptions of the setting, making for a perfect winter read! You’ll want to cozy up with the book and a mug of hot cocoa while reading about Claire’s skating journey.

Sugar and Ice by Kate Messner, Walker Books, Ages 8-10, $16.99