The Children Who Loved Books by Peter Carnavas

the-children-who-loved-books-coverIt goes without saying that this book grabbed my attention—just look at it! Peter Carnavas’ latest is an adorable little tale of two children who, as suggested by the title, love books. Their tiny house is full of them. Their family doesn’t have much, but with so many stacks of stories, it doesn’t seem to matter!

But one day the house can hold no more. Sadly, the little family decides they must get rid of their books. When all the piles are cleared, their house is emptier and lonelier than they could have imagined.

Later, though, a book falls out of young Lucy’s backpack. The family gathers around to read together, and once again they are smitten with the power of stories. They run out to their local bookstore (indie bookseller thumbs up!) and restock. Soon their home is full of joy and love and piles and piles of beautiful books! Hooray (for books)!

Read on, readers!

Miss Megan

The Children Who Loved Books by Peter CarnavasKane/Miller; 11.99; Ages 2-6


News from BookExpo

I’m in LA for BookExpo, staying on the 14th floor of the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. Here’s a photo of the view from my window with the famous Hollywood sign in the way back. The reflection on the church tower is the lamp from hotel room.

View from my hotel window

I’ve spent the day in educational sessions, learning how to be a better bookseller. It’s been exciting to be here as an bookstore owner, in addition to my usual role as bookseller. The American Booksellers Association is made up of independent bookstores, and everyone here is very supportive of and excited for new bookstore owners.

I attended the ABA’s annual Celebration of Bookselling reception last evening, and the ABA launched IndieBound, a program that they hope will bring together booksellers, readers, independent retailers, local business alliances and other who believe that healthy local economies help communities thrive. We’ll let you know more about the program as we learn more about it, but it sounds exciting!