Tiptoe Joe by Ginger Foglesong Gibson

TiptoeJoeHaving hosted our Friday morning Wee Ones Storytime for the better part of five years, I can attest to the fact that toddlers don’t like to sit still. They really, really don’t. Really. Any time they can get on their feet and moving, they’re happy campers! And this book provides the perfect opportunity.

Tiptoe Joe greets his animal friends and urges them to follow him on tiptoe to see a fantastic surprise. Each animal has a signature sound (which can easily be accompanied by a simple movement of your choice) that is repeated through the story. All this action is punctuated by the refrain, “Tiptoe, tiptoe, quiet please. Tiptoe underneath the trees.” It’s an awesome way to get kids moving in a controlled (read: not flailing!) way.

Repetitive stories are so helpful for getting little children involved, and author Ginger Foglesong Gibson is clearly clued in to that!

Read on, readers!
Miss Megan

Tiptoe Joe by Ginger Foglesong Gibson, illus. by Laura Rankin; Greenwillow (HarperCollins); 17.99; Ages 2-6


How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills

How Rocket Learned to Read, by Tad Hills, Random House Books, Ages 3-6

Rocket is a little dog who is content to play and chase leaves and nap. That is, until he meets a bright yellow bird intent on teaching the scruffy doggie to read. Soon Rocket cannot resist the appeal of the tiny bird’s stories, and slowly but surely he begins to learn his alphabet. As the seasons change, Rocket’s understanding grows, and when the spring comes, he is able to join his chirping friend as they read their favorite stories.

From Tad Hills, creator of the beloved Duck & Goose series, comes an adorable tale of friendship and curiosity. The story is charming and engaging, and the soft watercolor illustrations are lushly colored and perfectly capture the picturesque changes of the seasons as Rocket, with the help of his perky pal, learns to read!

Hooray for good books!

–Miss Megan

How Rocket Learned to Read, by Tad Hills, Random House Books, Ages 3-6

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A Very Big Bunny by Marisabina Russo

A Very Big Bunny, by Marisabina Russo, Schwartz and Wade Books, Ages 3-6
Amelia is a very big bunny. In fact, she is the biggest bunny in her class. At recess, the other bunnies say Amelia is too big for jump rope or hopscotch or the seesaw, so Amelia plays by herself. One day, a new student is introduced to the class. Susannah is a very small bunny–the smallest in the class. She is too tiny, the other bunnies say, for jump rope or hopscotch or the seesaw. Susannah and Amelia are left all alone in the corner of the playground. But Susannah doesn’t mind, and soon, neither does Amelia. Together they form an unlikely–but dynamic!–duo. The two bunnies learn that you’re never too big or too small to have a wonderful friendship.
Marisabina Russo’s tale is a sweet story that celebrates what makes every bunny (and person!) unique. Russo’s colorful illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to the tale, with adorable bunny rabbits frolicking gleefully in the schoolyard. Children will be entranced by this delightful story of friendship and individuality!
Start your summer reading today!
–Miss Megan

A Very Big Bunny, by Marisabina Russo, Schwartz and Wade Books, Ages 3-6