Megan’s Book of the Day 5/22/09

A Small Surprise, by Louise Yates, Ages 2-6

9780375856983A traveling circus needs a new performer, and one tiny bunny is determined to land the job! Although he is too small to wipe his own nose or eat his food without making a mess, he is sure that his size will be an advantage among the larger animals. The circus discovers that although the bunny may be little, he has magical abilities that make him quite the surprise to his new friends.

Louise Yates has crafted an adorable tale of individuality and determination. The text is sparing and placed creatively on the page, bringing attention to Yates’ imaginative sketch and watercolor illustrations. Don’t miss out on this fantastic tale that will remind children that “smallness is strength.” With a quirky cast of goggle-eyed circus animals entranced by the antics of one confident little bunny, this fantastic picture book is sure to capture your reader’s attention as well!

A Small Surprise, Louise Yates, pub. May 2009, Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers

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–Miss Megan