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We love children’s books and we want to give everyone an opportunity to review their favorites. If you don’t feel like posting a review, but you’d like to add a list of your favorite books, feel free – sharing is what this is all about!

11 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. hooray4books says:

    We’ll start things off with a review from one of our favorite friends!

    Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters by Lesley Blume

    I really liked reading Cornelia because it takes you around the world to the most interesting countries that you could ever imagine. This book is about Cornelia, and her love of long words.

    Cornelia lives in a world where she never gets any privacy. Her housekeeper, Madame Desjardins, always is around and always bugs Cornelia, so Cornelia gets rid of her by using lots of long words. Her mother, Lucy, is a famous piano player who is never at home, she is always traveling to one place or another, and never spends time with Cornelia. Cornelia has never met her father, but knows that he is a famous pianist too.

    But one day an author moves in next door that has an Indian servant and a rascal of a dog. Cornelia develops a great friendship with this author, and learns of all the exciting adventures of her and her sisters.

    –Marit, age 10

    From Book Reviews, 2008/05/26 at 6:32

  2. Marit says:

    Right now I am reading a book called the Willoughbys, so when i am done with that book I will write another review! Also, about the japenese erasers, my friend Natalie came over today, you have met her trish, and she really liked the erasers and gel stickers, so I highly suggest them for the store!


  3. Marit says:

    I have finished reading the Gaia Girls and when I have time will write a review! I am reading Savvy right now and loving it! Marit, age 10.

  4. hooray4books says:

    Gaia Girls Enter the Earth by Lee Welles

    I read the Gaia Girls Enter the Earth and loved it! Why? It is a really moving book because it shows you how much our earth is endangered, Ex. Global warming, littering, ETC. This books gives you a message:”Take care of our earth!”

    The Gaia Girls Enter the Earth is about a girl, Elizabeth Angier, who can hear the earth talking to her. Elizabeth lives on a farm, called the Three Oaks, with her parents and her dog, Maizey. Over the summer a cooperation called Harmony Farms convinces her neighbors to sell their farms to this terrible factory-farming cooperation. Elizabeth and her parents, along with some other help, are convinced NOT to sell their special Three Oaks. It is up to Elizabeth and Gaia, (the whole of the earth), to save Three Oaks and kick out Harmony Farms! In order to do this Elizabeth needs the help of her friend, Will, and the special earth powers that Gaia, who takes the form of an otter while in Elizabeth’s presence, has given her!

    This is an extremely unique book! Very suspenseful, it just made me want to keep reading! This book won the National Outdoor Book award! And if you like this book, keep your eyes peeled for the sequel: The Gaia Girls Way of Water!

    – Marit, age 10

  5. hooray4books says:

    Savvy by Ingrid Law

    I loved Savvy because it is a magical book but also a bit realistic! It is another very suspenseful book.

    Savvy is about Mibs Beaumont, a 12 year old girl who is about to turn 13. In the Beaumont family when a child turns 13 they don’t just become a teenager, they acquire their Savvy, a special power that no one but the family can know about. Before Mib’s big birthday Mib’s Poppa is caught in a terrible accident. Mib’s is convinced that her Savvy is to wake people up and if she can just get over to Selina Hope Hospital she can wake her precious Poppa up. In order to do this Mib, her 2 brothers, and her 2 soon to be friends, climb aboard a bus that they thought was heading to Selina, but goes the opposite direction! What happens on this adventure? Read Savvy to find out!

    – Marit, age 10

  6. hooray4books says:

    The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean by Alexander McCall Smith

    Here is a review from Caroline, Age 6

    The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean is story about a little girl trying to find her aunts. It was written by Alexander McCall Smith. This book was very very wonderful.

    I thought that Harriet was very nice to find all of her aunts. She thought that her father must be sad about separating from his sisters. And she learned a lot of things about her aunts. The book has a very happy ending. I enjoyed when Harriet found her first aunt in the circus. It was a very suspenseful book. The characters were very interesting – they all had different abilities. I am going to read all of the Harriet Bean books.

    Thanks for including us on Saturday! It was lots of fun and so exciting! Lorraine and Caroline

  7. - Fifi says:

    By Stephanie Meyer
    Twilight is about a girl named Bella. She is now living with her dad (whom she calls Charlie) in a very dreary town in Washington State. At the local highschool Bella meets this very peculiar guy, whom she later starts to date. The guys name is Edward. Through questionging Bella finds out that Edward is a vampire! The book is fast paced, but still slow. It really plays with your mind and makes you think differently. The descriptions are extremely vivid and there are tons of details about everything. Overall I would definetly reccoment this book to any boy or girl. I’d say the age range is 11-999! This book is now becoming a motion picture. Let’s just hope Hollywood doesn’t ruin this really good book! Read the other books in the series, too: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. The fifth book was going to be from Edward’s point of view, but someone in the publishing office illegally leaked the book to the web so the series might stop all together:(

  8. Marit says:

    I read Twilight. It was OK. Not my favorite. But it certainly has taken the nation by a sweep Everyone seems to talk about it….

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