Miss Megan’s Five Star Favorites, Part III

Believe it or not, I read grownup books on occasion. Not as often as I would like, but still, I try to add a “big kid” title to my list every now and again. These are a selection of my favorites, the ones I’ve given the coveted five star rating on Goodreads. The Death of […]

Miss Megan’s Five Star Favorites, Part II

I love middle grade, but more often than not I find myself gravitating to the Young Adult section. There are just such fantastic choices available over there these days! Here are some of my all-time favorites. Anne of Green Gables¬†by L.M. Montgomery;¬†Penguin; 4.99; Ages 10-adult Opening line: “Mrs. Rachel Lynde lived just where the Avonlea […]

Miss Megan’s Five Star Favorites, Part I

I’m a pretty critical reader. I guess that’s because I read a lot of things, so inevitably I start to feel a little jaded. But when a special book crosses my path, one that jolts me out of my stupor with its originality or voice or what have you, I get very excited. For this […]

Miss Megan’s Newbery Picks

Newbery choices are tough. There are so many great books to choose from, so many rules and various criteria to consider, so many helpful opinions to process. But, in the end, I have to stick with the books that have left the greatest impression on me this year. True, the Newbery committee doesn’t always pick […]

Miss Megan’s Caldecott Picks

The Caldecott Medal recognizes the best illustrated book of the year, with a couple of honor books rounding out the award. The ALA Youth Media Awards will take place on January 28th in Seattle, but before the winners are announced, we’re collecting our picks. My favorites are below, along with a brief description of why […]

Miss Megan’s Printz Picks

The Michael L. Printz Award honors achievement in young adult literature. Since this is probably my favorite age group to read, I’ve had to make some decisions about which books I loved because they appealed to my particular taste, and which ones could be destined for award greatness. Those few, those happy few, are… Code […]

Miss Megan’s Favorite Books of 2012

2012 was a good year to be a reader! Ask me my favorite book and I’ll probably hem and haw before making a decision—but if I have to choose, I’ll choose from this list. (Instead of giving you a long discussion of the merits of each book, I’m limiting myself to a Twitter-style 140-character summary […]

More Storytime Favorites From Miss Megan

Summer’s an awesome time for our Wee Ones Storytime—we’ve got our usual suspects, plus a collection of older siblings home from school! It’s crowded on Friday mornings, which means we’ve got a great audience to tell us which books are the top choices of the two-and-under crowd. Here are a few that have been popular […]

How Megan and Maryam Learned to Read

To continue our “how we learned to read” posts, there are a few more stories that we have to share. Megan and I have been at the store since we opened in June 2008. Being a recent college graduate and a current college student, we have read a lot of books, good and bad, in […]

The Undead Roundup: Miss Megan’s Favorite Zombie Reads

There’s no gray area with zombies. (Get it? Brains! Clever.) You either love them or loathe them. You’re either gung-ho to watch a horde of the undead tear through a series of burnt-out city streets in search of human flesh, or the very thought makes your skin crawl. There’s no right answer to the zombie […]