List Books to Love

It is a truth universally acknowledged that kids in elementary school like to look at lists. Lists of animals and plants, dinosaurs, and famous people….I could go on and on. For reluctant readers, list books provide structure and have a more manageable word count than other books. The visuals are engaging and fit with the sense of competition that lots of young readers have at that age. Which mountain is the highest? Which animal is the most dangerous? Do you know? If you have a reader who loves lists, here are some titles to look for this holiday season:
Top 5 of Everything by Time for Kids; 11.99; Ages 7+
From Time magazine comes this book with the top five in every category imaginable: ice cream flavors, fastest animals, backyard birds, peppermint producers. Kids can quiz their parents and friends, learn cool facts about animals and geography and prepare for future trivia contests.
100 Most series by Scholastic; 7.99; Ages 8+
These are the books for a kid who picks up worms, spiders or other creepy crawlies. From feared creatures, to disgusting things, these books have lists of creatures, their stats and photographs to look at. The perfect way to gross out your friends!
Weird But True series by National Geographic; 7.95; Ages 6+
Did you know that in Ancient Egypt only royalty was allowed to eat mushrooms? Or that baby eels are called elvers? All these weird facts and more can be found in the Weird but True books. Printed with eye-catching graphics on each page, these are great books to page through and see what catches your eye. For All Ages.
The Top 10 of Everything in Sports by Sports Illustrated Books; 19.95; Ages 7+
It doesn’t matter if you love football, soccer, gymnastics or hockey. There’s something cool for everyone to find in this book of sports lists. Prodigies, Rivalries, Unbelievable Moments, and Coaches—all get face time in this big format book with great photographs. This book will make any young sports fan happy this holiday.

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