Brief Thief

briefthiefSometimes your conscience is a superhero rabbit.
I am an adult, but like most children I can find discussions of underwear and bodily functions quite amusing. If you are in this boat with me, you will enjoy Brief Thief  by Michael Escoffier. Leon is a lizard who goes about his daily routine: he eats his breakfast, suns himself on a rock, and then, naturally, he has to poo. Leon makes his way to a tree and does his business, only to realize that there is no more toilet paper! He evaluates his options and settles on a pair of old and holey underpants hanging on a tree branch. Upon discarding them Leon is confronted by his conscience, “the little voice you hear inside your head whenever you get up to something naughty,” who guides Leon to the realization that taking other people’s things is wrong. To rectify the situation the conscience has Leon scrub the underpants clean and hang them to dry. Only after Leon leaves do we see that the conscience is actually a rabbit who uses the underpants as the mask to his superhero costume. And the holes? Well, the rabbit needs the holes for his ears.
This fun story is destined to be a hit with 4 and 5 year old kids who love bathroom humor and are learning rights and wrongs.
Brief  Thief, by Michael Escoffier, illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo; Enchanted Lion Books; $16.95

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