Teen romance or girls’ sports?

stealingparkerTo say Miranda Kenneally writes “teen romance” or “girls’ sports books” doesn’t do justice to this acutely insightful author. Yes, her books are full of hormones (both male and female), and they give readers a you-are-right-here view of sports (football and baseball), but what makes you stay up all night reading from beginning to end is the honest-to-goodness “Reality” that she puts in her realistic fiction.

 thingsicantforgetMiranda Kenneally cuts straight to the chase about the things that matter most to teens: friendship, family, and the future. Life is messy, and the lines between right and wrong are blurry. Grownups are fallible and school mates are unpredictable. But life goes on, and, whether it’s in sports or at summer camp, the girls in each of Miranda Kenneally’s novels discover they have what it takes to become the person they’d like to be.

 In Stealing Parker, high school senior Parker Shelton is thrown for a loop when her family suddenly falls apart. Dealing with change isn’t easy, and sorting out the whys and what-to-do-next lead Parker to make some very unwise decisions. Just as a real teenage girl would. Which is why Parker is so believable and, as she works things out, not only enlightens but also empowers readers.

Hundred Oaks #1, Catching Jordan, by Miranda Kenneally, Sourcebooks, $8.99

Hundred Oaks #2, Stealing Parker, Sourcebooks, $8.99

Hundred Oaks #3, Things I Can’t Forget,  Sourcebooks, $9.99


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