The Aviator’s Wife

I read so many books for children and teens, that sometimes I feel like the only grownup books I read are for book clubs. The Aviator’s Wife is a novel my book club will definitely enjoy.

Most of us know some aspect of the Lindberghs’ story, whether it is the aviation hero we learned about in elementary school, or the tragic kidnapping of their baby, or the darker, more unsavory subjects that were revealed in later decades. The Aviator’s Wife shows us yet another side of that story. Melanie Benjamin has crafted a thoughtful novel from the perspective of Anne Lindbergh that chronicles her rise to fame, her personal aviation success, and her tumultuous marriage.

This celebrity couple captivated the world’s attention, and Anne’s growth from a timid youth to fearless aviator to independent woman will captivate readers. The prose is precise, yet descriptive, and the pace is contemplative, but not too slow. The history, the emotional storyline, and the writing make The Aviator’s Wife a great book for discussion. All in all, it’s just an enjoyable read.


The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin; Delacorte Press; $26.00


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