Shades of London Trilogy

madnessunderneathThe Madness Underneath just came out, and we have signed copies!

For those of you new to the Shades of London trilogy, you’re in for a treat. A very spooky, treat.  In The Name of the Star,  Rory Devaux transfers to a London boarding school where she becomes entangled in a murder investigation.   A Jack the Ripper copycat is terrorizing the East End, and on the night of one of the murders, Rory sees a suspect. The real trouble is, she seems to be the only one who can see him. Worse still, he knows she saw him and soon she becomes a target. Part ghost story, part murder mystery, part boarding school story, Maureen Johnson creates a compelling and original novel.

  The Name of the Star is the first of the trilogy, but I appreciated the fact that it stood well on its own. While I was eager to dive into book 2 after finishing the last page, I was satisfied with the completion of this particular story line. The best news, however, is that book two: The Madness Underneath was just released and so I don’t need to wait for it to come out.

Watch the trailer for The Madness Underneath here.

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson; Speak; $9.99

The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson; Putnam; $17.99


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