A new Elephant & Piggie book is here!

We love the Elephant & Piggie characters and are always excited when we open up a shipment to find a new adventure inside. Luckily, author Mo Willems is able to write books about as fast as we can read them!

The latest Elephant & Piggie story follows the lovable pair as they attempt to make a plan to go on a drive. They want to have a super fun adventure, but cautious Gerald wants to plan out each very important step before they head out. Steps like finding a map, buying sunglasses, and eventually realizing neither one of them knows how to drive!

Their plan may go awry, but the process is still incredibly fun!

These books are great for read alouds, because both the audience and the adults can laugh along. The illustrations are bold and simple, yet the facial expressions on both Elephant and Piggie are often giggle-inducing without even reading the text!

I love the Elephant & Piggie series and hope there are many more to come!



Let’s Go for a Drive by Mo Willems; $8.99; Hyperion; Ages 6+ 


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