Different is okay!

As a bookseller, I shouldn’t admit that I picked up Oliver based on its cover art, but I was immediately drawn to the darling play scene in muted tones. (Side note: Don’t be discouraged by my use of muted tones; the art is eye-catching and there are many little details to notice!) Oliver is a sweet story about a boy who is perfectly content with quieter, more imaginative activities. He and his toy friends take on adventure via books and conquering household furniture as it were a desert or shark-infested waters (reminiscent of  the “hot lava” that flowed through my living room once upon a time). This is the perfect book for an introverted child. It will let him or her know that it is okay to feel different and prefer solitary play, and that when she or he is ready for a human playmate, there will be another child ready and willing.


P.S. Keep your eyes open for Oliver and Olivia’s missed encounters.

Oliver, by Birgitta Sif; Candlewick Press, $16.99


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