Five Flavors of Dumb

In search of a funny YA read? Try Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John. It’s anything but dumb.

Seattle’s newest high school band is Dumb. That is literally their name and Piper thinks it fits. But when Dumb wins the battle of the bands, Piper inadvertently becomes their manager. There are just a few problems-they only know one song, one member can’t even play guitar, they don’t have a drummer, and Piper is deaf. But she’s in desperate need of cash and determined to turn Dumb into a real rock band.

This fun foray into rock-n-roll is a great, quick YA read about the world’s most unlikely high school rock band. Antony John sends his characters on a crash course through Seattle’s rock history, while raising some interesting questions about being a deaf teenager.  Piper’s often snarky voice will make you laugh as she tries to transform Dumb into a band that really rocks.   — Erin

Five Flavors of Dumb,by Antony John, Speak, $8.99


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