Learning to Read this School Year

Learning to read can be a lot of fun!  There are so many new beginning readers to break the routine of Dr. Seuss and BOB books (although we love them as well!).  Come by before the school year starts and pick up some fun new stories.

Though Giles Andreae would argue that Giraffes Can’t Dance, Jamie Michalak says sure they can, and Joe the giraffe’s talents do not stop at dancing. When Joe picks up his friend Sparky the turtle, they find something very interesting: a box with small people in it showing off their talents and inviting Sparky and Joe to stop living life in the slow lane and come out of their shells (two things that scare Sparky a little). With help from Joe, Sparky finds a talent they both have to show the small people in the box. Will this shy turtle become a star?

Joe and Sparky, Superstars! by Jamie Michalak; Candlewick Press; paperback; $4.99

Can you not get enough of shark week? We have just the book about those creepy, scary sea creatures. National Geographic Kids publishes great level readers about all types of science and nature topics. They now have a level 2 reader called Weird Sea Creatures, and I can tell you, they sure are weird. Dumbo Octopus and Blopfish sound like they aren’t real animals, but National Geographic’s amazing photographs show that they are. There is even a quiz in the back of the book for kids to test their parents on how well they know their weird sea creatures.

Weird Sea Creatures by Laura Marsh; National Geographic; paperback; $3.99

If the strange animals are not your favorite, we also have a new series of animal stories full of cute animals like baby tigers, kittens, penguins, and more. These books are part of the Photo Adventure Series, and the stories can be read a number of different ways: the parent can read the story entirely as a picture book, the child can read the story entirely on their own, or the parent and child can take turns. Each story has boldfaced words, the parent can read the regular typeface words and the child can read the boldfaced words. Almost every page also has a “fact stop” for extra information on the animal. This is a must for finding out about your favorite animal.

Happy reading,



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