Even we had to learn how to read!

When I asked everyone to remember their learning-to-read experience, staffer Leah said, “there was a time I didn’t know how to read?,” and it sure is hard to believe, when you’ve pored through thousands of books, that there was a time when you had to sound out “b-o-o-k.” Yet there was a time when all of us had to learn to read, or when someone had to read books to us, and we book-lovers look to those memories fondly.

Hooray for Books! owners Ellen and Trish have spent a lot of time around books: reading books, reviewing books, and handing their favorites to young readers here at the store. When asked to share their favorite beginning reading story, it was tough to pick out just one especially with all their favorite books and book memories. They were eventually able to narrow it down and share a story for all new and old readers.

Ellen remembers being read to in her kindergarten class. Everyone probably remembers their teacher asking the class to gather around for the daily picture book reading. Her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Galbraith, used to read Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson to the class. Ellen one day realized that, even though Harold was a made-up character, he was creating a marvelous and amazing world and adventure. Ellen says this was “the moment when the book literally came alive for me.” I’m sure she didn’t mean the pun when describing the book, but if any picture book were to “come alive”, Harold is perfect.

Trish remembers moving to the D.C. area from Tennessee in the 2nd grade and discovering Landmark Biographies.  She would go to pick out a new biography every week at her school library. Like many of us, Trish swears that even though she must have learned how to read, it’s more likely that she had just always known how, because she does not remember where or when she started to read! While most of the Landmark Biographies have gone out of print, we still have some of them (as well as other biographies from other series) here in the store.

Whether it’s being read to you or you’re reading it on your own for the first (or 100th) time: happy reading,



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