Blue Orange Games

Looking for a great travel game?

Blue Orange Games are fun, quick games to take on the road, on the plane, to the restaurant, or even just to liven up a boring rainy day.

Most of you know Spot It! already, the fun game ages 3+ can play; it’s the game of matching, with a twist. The players each have their own card in front of them and a center card. They have to find the image that their card has in common with the center card and then yell out “SPOT IT!” and receive the card. The images differ in sizes per card, but there is ALWAYS one match. With four different ways to play, this card game is anything but boring. Now, you can buy Spot It! for younger kids (with fewer images per card), for your baseball or hockey lover, or for on the road.

Tell Tale is one of my favorite games by far because it is so creative. Each card has a very colorful image on it that to spark your imagination. It is a game of stories and can be played alone or with a group of friends and family. The aim of the game is to create a story using the images provided, and just like Spot It! there are multiple ways to play. My favorite way to play is to deal out a few cards to each player, one at a time, the players flip over their cards and create a story together using what the other person said. Also, for your prince or princess at heart, there is Tell Tale Fairy Tales, with all kinds of magical and fairy tale images.

Speedeebee is a new game from Blue Orange, and it’s great for older or younger kids. There are four letter dice and many question cards. The reader of the card chooses which question they will read, (example: “Name something you would never eat, starting with one of these four letters.”) the question then instructs you on how many letter die you should throw (“throw all 4 dice”), using the letters that show up (I rolled B, R, L, and R), the players try to be the first to answer to win the card. It seems easy, but come up to the front desk and play a game with us, we’re sure we can stump you.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to easy-to-pack, fun, travel-sized games. Come by and ask us about any of the games in our store or play a round with us.



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