For the Record, A.S. King, You’re Pretty Great, Yourself!

We already knew we loved author A.S. King. She visited us last spring, and her books are some of our favorites to recommend to smart, savvy, teen readers (and the adults who love them). So when she wrote this awesome guest blog for Writer Unboxed, our hearts swelled with joy. We in the independent book business love to see our own passion reflected in such a concise, humorous, rousing show of support for what we do! It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever read or bought a book. Check out this excerpt, then read the whole thing here.

“Independent booksellers are badass ninjas. Let’s just get that straight right here. They are badass hardcore book-loving ninjas. As an author and a reader, I can’t help but love them because no one else in this business can do what they do for me.

Independent booksellers sponsor events like book launches, author readings, signings and festivals to bring authors in contact with communities. They are human beings who can match my taste with new books and answer my questions. They are people who end up friends because it’s more than a job to them.”

It’s people like this that make us love what we do! We’re so glad that Alexandria (and the DC metro area, for that matter) is full of these lovely, bookish kindred spirits. Thank you. Thank you for shopping locally and independently. We appreciate you.


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