Red Knit Cap Girl by Naoko Stoop

Cozy in her forest home, Red Knit Cap Girl wonders about many things. But nothing fascinates her like the Moon. Wonder as she will, she cannot figure out how to talk to the Moon. So, with her trusty White Bunny in tow, she visits Owl, who knows everything. Owl says the Moon will bend down to listen to Red Knit Cap Girl, but it’s up to her to get Moon’s attention.

Red Knit Cap Girl comes up with a brilliant idea. With the help of her woodland friends, she plans a wonderful celebration that will catch Moon’s eye when the sun goes down. Sure enough, Moon comes out and whispers to Red Knit Cap Girl, just like she hoped!

This is a gentle, sweet story to share with a sleepy little one before bedtime. The text is simple and soothing, and the story itself feels something like a fable, which lends a classic air to the entire book. I especially loved Naoko Stoop’s illustrations–her backgrounds were originally painted on pieces of wood, so the striations from the tree rings are still present through the layers of color, lending to the natural feel of the artwork. There’s a dreamlike quality here as the color palette shifts from the brilliant rust, yellow, and green of sunset to the deeper twilight hues of indigo, teal, and gold. And against these soft, atmospheric hues stands our little heroine, who pops off the page in her bright red ensemble (and, of course, her red knit cap!).

This is yet another book I want to make into wallpaper–it’s that beautiful!

Red Knit Cap Girl by Naoko Stoop; Little, Brown; 15.99; Ages 2-6


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