Help Rebuild Lives: Introducing Cards from Africa!

We’re pleased to introduce Cards from Africa, a free trade line of beautiful handmade cards that benefit young people in Rwanda who have lost their parents to AIDS or the 1994 genocide.

Here’s more information from their website: “Located on the outskirts of Kigali, Rwanda, Cards from Africa is a bustling atmosphere of skilled paper crafters and creative card makers. At the end of the afternoon, our employees bring home an income that is 4 to 6 times higher than the average Rwandan’s $1 per day. Our employees are the heads of their orphaned households, and they use this money to feed and clothe their younger brothers and sisters as well as purchase medicine and provide school tuition when needed.

By providing our staff with quality employment we foster a sense of self-worth and capability. Furthermore, we invest in our employees’ future by teaching them practical business skills as well as inspires them with a sense of entrepreneurship. A newfound confidence, coupled with practical skills, gives our staff both reason and justification to save their money. In partnering with Rwandan youth, we provide the key to opportunity, but ultimately expect them to unlock the oppression of poverty themselves.”

Check out this link for a wealth of information about the organization!

We love products with purpose—come by and check out our selection!


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