Deadweather and Sunrise by Geoff Rodkey

Looking for a swashbuckling adventure? Stop looking. We’ve got it.

Egg has grown up on Deadweather Island, known to be populated almost entirely by pirates. The thirteen-year-old has led a pretty dull life, punctuated by the occasional bullying from his awful siblings. But when his father takes the family to the neighboring island of Sunrise, everything changes. Suddenly, Egg is surrounded by riches and sophistication he never thought possible. And, when an innocent balloon ride goes terribly awry, spiriting his relations away on the wind, it looks like he might be able to stay forever.

But Egg quickly learns that the beauty and comfort of Sunrise hides a dark secret, a secret to which Egg himself may hold the key! Assisted only by a plucky girl named Millicent and a strange, sinister young sailor, Egg must unravel the mystery that connects Deadweather and Sunrise. Along the way, he might just learn something very important about himself.

The first in a series, this is the perfect read for guys (and girls!) who love adventure and a good mystery. Geoff Rodkey has a pretty perfect formula going here: a smart, under-appreciated hero, a bevy of dastardly pirates, wicked bureaucrats, bratty siblings (who get their comeuppance in the end), a feisty sidekick, and treasure! Yep, there’s ancient, epic treasure, too. What’s not to love?

Deadweather and Sunrise: The Chronicles of Egg #1 by Geoff Rodkey; Putnam Publishing (Penguin); 16.99; Ages 10-12

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