A Sibling Story: Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli

Jake and Lily are twins. Every year on their birthday they have a dream. The same dream. But this year things have changed. Jake and Lily aren’t the best friends they used to be. Jake’s pulling away, spending time with a gang of bicycle-riding, mischief-making guys from the neighborhood. Lily’s left in the dust, moping and wishing she were included.

But Jake and Lily have been given a journal, and even with all their disagreements, they’re still writing back and forth. And maybe, just maybe, telling their story will show them a way back to friendship.

You know Jerry Spinelli for his numerous books, like Newbery medal winner Maniac Magee and Newbery honor book Wringer. He’s also the author of StargirlI Can Be Anything! (perfect for grads), and Milkweed (my personal Spinelli favorite). As you can see, he knows his stuff.

This is a sweet story for any child with a sibling. It’s a delightful tale about growing up (just a little), keeping hold of the joys of childhood, and, ultimately, staying true to yourself. Hand this one to your reader who’s devouring chapter books–it’s the perfect pre-summer read!

Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli; HarperCollins; 15.99; Ages 8-10


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