Keep the Lights on When You Read: Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman

What an absolutely brilliant concept. These are unique books that teens and adults alike can enjoy reading and experiencing. In this internet age, when kids are often more into technology than holding a book in their hands, author Patrick Carman has produced an interactive book series that combines both reading and technology, giving teens exactly what they’ve been craving!

Skeleton Creek, the first in the series,  is told from best friends Ryan and Sarah’s dual perspectives, through Ryan’s journal and Sarah’s uploaded videos. Strange and scary things are happening in their town of Skeleton Creek, and when the pair vow to get to the bottom of it. They determined not to let a terrible accident or the fact that their parents have forbidden them to communicate stop them. While Ryan lies in bed, recovering from a broken leg, he tries to find out everything he can about the Skeleton Creek mystery from his dad, recording everything in his journal.  In the meantime, Sarah takes her video camera everywhere and uploads the clips for Ryan to see, emailing him passwords to ensure he is the only one able to connect to the video.

Working together, though very much apart, Ryan and Sarah slowly begin to uncover some pretty creepy information and end up way more involved than either ever planned. Their lives are put into danger several times and they learn that Ryan’s dad may be in the midst of the sinister info they are collecting.

And that’s just the first book! Let me tell you, the endings of each books leave you with one heck of a cliffhanger. Darn you, Patrick Carman!

I  had to read them each in one sitting–they’re that suspenseful! The videos are ultra-creepy (I’d suggest lights on for viewing). Perfect for a techno-savvy teen!

Skeleton Creek series by Patrick Carman; $14.99; Scholastic; Ages 12+

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