Interactive Reads for the Titanic Centennial

April 15th marks the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic after it struck an iceberg in the Atlantic. As a child, I was fascinated not only by the history of the ship and its passengers, but also by the story of explorer Bob Ballard’s ocean floor excavation in 1985. With the centennial approaching, we’ve stocked our history section with some truly awesome fiction and nonfiction reads about the ship of dreams. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Explore Titanic by Peter Chrisp, illus. by Somchitch Vongprachanh; Barron’s Educational Series; 17.99; Ages 7-12

Boys and girls will be enthralled by this dramatic pictorial history of the great ocean liner “R.M.S. Titanic, ” and its fateful sinking in the North Atlantic. Approximately 125 photos and illustrations in color and black and white–including 12 astonishing 3D-rendered graphics–tell the “Titanic’s ” story, from its 1911 launching at the Belfast shipyard to its tragic destruction on April 15, 1912 during its maiden Atlantic crossing. Enclosed with this unusual book is a CD-ROM that walks viewers through the ship’s interior from stem to stern, showing hundreds of details. Viewers can zoom in and out to examine details more closely, and they can move around inside cabin interiors in a way that heightens the illusion of realism.

Story of the Titanic by DK Publishing, illus. by Steve Noon, contributions by Eric Kentley; DK Children; 17.99; Ages 7-10

This DK classic being brought back in print tells the story of the Titanic’s fateful voyage through vivid original artwork. Young readers will learn and discover how the ship was built and equipped, what kind of passengers and crew she carried, and what facilities she offered onboard. Learn how she struck an iceberg, why she sank so quickly, how many people were saved, and how many lives were lost. Detailed double-page artwork with cutaway scenes tell the tragic story of the ‘unsinkable’ liner, while pictorial details and lively annotation give fascinating insight into the Titanic‘s construction and the daily life of its passengers and crew from the start of the maiden voyage to its sinking. Also, this title covers the official inquiries into the sinking, as well as the discovery of the wreck.

What Sank the World’s Biggest Ship? by Mary Kay Carson, illus. by Mark Elliott; Sterling Children’s Books; 5.95; Ages 6-10

Why was the Titanic so huge? Did all the passengers really eat off gold plates? How could an iceberg just appear out of nowhere? Here are the answers to all these and other “must-know” questions about the building, launch, and tragic sinking of the most famous ship of all time. This trivia-rich look back on that fateful night includes gripping, true information that will entice young readers–even if they don’t have to write a book report!

Titanic: The Story Lives On by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Bob Kayganich; Penguin Young Readers; 3.99; Ages 6-8

Discover the secrets of the Titanic 100 years after the sinking! Learn all about the search for the Titanic’s wreckage in this Level 4 reader featuring photographs of the ship’s remains, as well as full-color artwork. A great resource for beginning readers.

Titanic #1: Unsinkable by Gordan Korman; Scholastic; 5.99; Ages 7-10

The ultimate action/adventure trilogy begins, with #1 bestselling author Gordon Korman plunging readers into the heart of the Titanic. The Titanic is meant to be unsinkable, but as it begins its maiden voyage, there’s plenty of danger waiting for four of its young passengers. Paddy is a stowaway, escaping a deadly past. Sophie’s mother is delivered to the ship by police – after she and Sophie have been arrested. Juliana’s father is an eccentric whose riches can barely hide his madness. And Alfie is hiding a secret that could get him kicked off the ship immediately. The lives of these four passengers will be forever linked with the fate of Titanic. And the farther they get from shore, the more the danger looms.

Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic by Suzanne Weyn; Scholastic; 9.99; Ages 12+

The destinies of five sisters all converge on board the Titanic. Daughters of a famed clairvoyant, the five Taylor sisters have moved to turn-of-the-twentieth-century Spirit Vale, where their mother makes a living talking to the dead. The future, however, is something even she cannot see clearly. The sisters are not meant to stay in Spirit Vale for long. All seem poised to move in different directions–science, society, fame, even the spirit world–but all of their destinies converge on board the Titanic. A transatlantic voyage that promises great wonders soon turns into a fight for survival that not everyone will win…or can they?

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Want more Titanic? Check out National Geographic’s cool centennial page!

Descriptions thanks to IndieBound.

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