Simply Adorable: Itsy-Bitsy Baby Mouse by Michelle Meadows

The cover of this new picture book is eye catching all on its own: an itsy, bitsy baby mouse (as promised) stares up at the giant words of the title. This dash of whimsy is continued throughout the book with bright pastel graphics that mimic the wild race of our rodent protagonist. Hilarious rhyming text is laced seamlessly into the adventure, making this a near perfect read aloud.

Did you hear that? A near perfect read aloud!

Itsy, bitsy baby mouse is lost. He scurries across the vast wasteland of the living room (narrowly escaping the dangerous claws of a monstrous house cat!), desperately searching for his own little door. At the very last moment, when all seems to be lost, two friendly faces appear, ready to calm his frazzled nerves. Mama and Papa Mouse gently soothe their little one and put him to bed.

It’s a simple enough story, and Silver Spring-based author Michelle Meadows (Pilot Pups, Hibernation Station) doesn’t muddle things with over-embellishment. Her rhyming text propels the story forward with charm and humor. Illustrator Matthew Cordell (Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie) develops a similar aesthetic in his artwork, striking just the right balance between silliness and restraint.

I can’t imagine a child (or grownup!) who could resist this delightful little story! Stop by the store today and share it with your little one!

Itsy-Bitsy Baby Mouse by Michelle Meadows, illus. by Matthew Cordell; Simon & Schuster; 15.99; Ages 2-6


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