Easter is coming!

If you can’t tell by the absolutely gorgeous weather we’ve been experiencing, both Spring and Easter are definitely on the way! Here are a few books that center around traditional Easter themes:

Very First Easter by Paul Maier; $7.99; Concordia Publishing; Ages 7+

Focusing on Christ’s death and resurrection, this one is great for explaining the true meaning of Easter to school-age children. Scripture verses are used, which are helpful for memorization and helping children to remember the story throughout the year. The illustrations are beautiful and the content is simple enough for your kids to understand, yet complex enough for them to believe in the tragedy and miracle of Christ’s death and rebirth.

The Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith;$20.00; Eerdmans Books for Young Readers; Ages 5+

A very simple telling of the Easter story, through the eyes of a donkey. This would make a lovely selection as a gift book or for a child to treasure in his collection forever! The paintings are gorgeous and the traditional nature of the story is perfect for this time of year.

First Prayers, A Celebration of Faith and Love by Troy Howell; $12.95; Sterling; Ages 4+

Such a lovely book, perfect for an Easter basket! Included are all sorts of traditional prayers and Psalms, intermixed with beautiful poetry. The illustrations are soft and light, perfect for Springtime, and the simple nature of the text is wonderful, even for your little ones.


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