Rob Scotton Is Coming to Hooray for Books!

If you haven’t read the hilarious Splat the Cat series, now’s your chance! We love this mischievous, clumsy black cat and his various adventures, so we’re pretty excited that Splat’s creator, the one and only Rob Scotton, will be at the store on March 20th!

In Splat’s latest installment, Secret Agent Splat (out March 13th), our favorite furry friend sets out to solve the mysterious disappearances of several ducks. Spoiler: hilarity ensues! Little ones will love this delightful new story with all of Splat’s signature verve and energy!

Don’t miss your chance to meet Rob Scotton on Tuesday, March 20th, from 6-8 pmCall us now to reserve your copy of Secret Agent Splat (or any of Scotton’s other titles)! 703.548.4092

Secret Agent Splat by Rob Scotton; Ages 3-6; HarperCollins; 16.99


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