Jennifer Fosberry’s Isabella: Girl on the Go

Author Jennifer Fosberry is stopping by this week, so we thought we’d give you the heads up! Her newest book, Isabella: Girl on the Go will be on our autograph shelf in honor of the event. Jennifer’s spunky character Isabella has previously starred in My Name is Not Isabella, a companion to Fosberry’s first book, My Name is Not Alexander.

In the first two books, the children imagine themselves as all kinds of famous inventors, artists, and activists, with loving parents to support their desire to make a difference.  In Girl on the Go, Isabella imagines herself making a difference all over the world, from defending the Great Wall of China from invaders to lighting the way to America as the Statue of Liberty!  Like Fosberry’s other books, Girl on the Go has a glossary at the end with information about and pictures of every place Isabella has “traveled” – making your journey with the spunky adventuress educational AND fun.

Call the store now to reserve a copy of this delightful new picture book!

Isabella: Girl on the Go by Jennifer Fosberry, illus. by Mike Litwin; Ages 3-6; Sourcebooks Jabberwocky; 16.99


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