Picture Books for Passover

The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah by Leslie Kimmelman and illustrated by Paul Meisel; Holiday House; 2010; ages 3-6; $16.95 hardback/$6.95 paperback

The familiar story of the little red hen gets an Jewish twist in cute picture book. Little red hen is preparing to make her Matzah for Passover. She plants the grain; harvests the wheat; takes it to the mill so she can “quickly, quickly, quickly” make her Matzah. In each step of her preperations she askes for help from her friends lamb, horse and dog. Each time with the same result; the lazy no-goodniks refusing to help. Finally, the night of the Seder dinner arrives and who should come knocking on her door, but lamb, horse and dog with the chutzpah to want to come to dinner! Will little red hen turn them away for their refusal to help or will she be a good egg (a mensch) and forgive?

Hoppy Passover by Linda Glaser and Illustrated by Daniel Howarth; Albert Whitman & Company; 2011; ages 3-6; $15.99

Not every bunny is an Easter bunny. In Linda Glaser’s delightful story, three generations of bunnys get together to celebrate Passover. Each one commenting what they love about the holiday: the first bite of Matzoh, singing songs, and being with family. Glasser’s story covers the basic rituals of the holiday from preparing the food, to reading the Haggadah to finding the Afikoman to opening the door for Elijah. Howarth’s illustrations are fun and colorful; adding to the story. A great book for anyone with young ones who are celebrating Passover or just want to know more about it.

Dinosaur on Passover by Diane Levin Rauchwerger and illustrated by Jason Wolff; KAR-BEN; 2006; ages 3-6; $6.95

The incorporation of a dinosaur with a Passover picture book is a stroke of genius! In rhyming text, the holiday, its elements and rituals are covered in brief:

“He helps me sing the questions/He knows that there are four. Tonight, why is there matzah and bitter herbs we call manor?”

This give just enough information about Passover with allowing some interactivity between reader and child to discuss the greater meaning of everything that Dino does. Almost every illustration includes a frog in a sometimes obvious place and sometimes not; creating a seek-and-find element. An excellent book for your younger ones who participate in the Passover festivities.

Passover a DK ultimate sticker book; DK Publishing; 2004; ages 6-10; $6.99

Similar to the DK Eyewitness books, this sticker book includes a short description of the background of Passover and its celebration at the top of each page. Within each page there outlines where you can place the 60 resuable stickers. Captions underneath the sticker further describe an element of Passover: the plagues, the parting of the waves, wine drops, etc. An additional interactive way to celebrate and learn about Passover.


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