World Book Night: a chance to change lives in our community!

Did you hear about the success of the first World Book Night in the UK last year? No? Well, you have a chance to participate in a really cool movement to get books into the hands of those people that consider themselves light readers or non-readers altogether. You have the chance to help these individuals learn the passion of reading, by sharing your favorite book with them.

Here’s how it works:

On April 23, if chosen as a volunteer giver, you’ll give away 20 free books of your choice (from a list on the World Book Night website), to a place in your community. It can be anywhere! A hospital, a church, the fitness center, wherever you think you’ll find a group of non-readers. Other volunteer givers all over the world will also be doing this same thing. A million book giveaway!

We want to band together to share our love of reading and encourage others to pick up books we know will help them become readers.

All you have to do is sign up to be a volunteer giver via the World Book Night website. Tell them your idea for where you’ll hand out the books and who you’ll give them to. If chosen, all you have to do is pick up the books from your local bookstore (that would be us!!) and be able to hand them out at your chosen location on April 23rd. The books are FREE!

This could totally change lives!!

Go the the website, read up on the rules and regulations, and then browse the books you can choose from. Sign up by February 6th to be a volunteer giver and join the world in the million-book giveaway! What’s stopping you?


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