Sweet Reads for Valentine’s Day!

There’s nothing like snuggling up with a good book and someone you love on Valentine’s Day! Here at Hooray for Books, we’ve picked out our favorite reads that celebrate love.

Hugs and Kisses by Rachael Hale; 6.99; LB Kids; Ages 0-2

It’s puppy love at first sight! Rachael Hale is known for her adorable portraits of babies, and this title adds furry (and feathered) friends into the mix. Little ones will love the different animal hugs and kisses on display, and grown-ups will be enchanted by the unrelenting cuteness of Hale’s photography. I dare you not to crack a grin at this one!

I Love You by Barbi Sido; 6.99; Priddy Books (Macmillan); Ages 0-2

This brightly colored fold out book features something we love on each spread. Surprises! Cupcakes! Family! You! Constructed out of sturdy cardboard, this fold out book is designed to withstand arduous playing and chewing. This is a great, hands-on choice for a little valentine!

Mr. Prickles: A Quill-Fated Love Story by Kara LaReau, illus. by Scott Magoon; 14.99; Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan); Ages 3-6

Mr. Prickles is a porcupine who desperately wants to be included in the frolicking of his nocturnal neighbors. But no one is interested in being friends with such a sharply barbed animal! Poor Mr. Prickles is lonely and sad, until he notices Miss Pointypants, the beautiful porcupine who occupies the stump next door. Together, the two play and explore the nighttime woods to their hearts’ content, and even learn how porcupines hug (very carefully). Mr. Prickles discovers that, while it’s not much fun being alone, “it’s much nicer being alone with someone else.”

The Biggest Kiss by Joanna Walsh, illus. by Judi Abbot; 12.99; Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books; Ages 3-6

Kisses are all around! “Bye-bye kisses, fly-high kisses, eye-dry kisses, all my kisses.” With large, whimsical illustrations, this delightful read dives into the various kisses in the animal world, concluding that “the very best kiss…is a kiss from you!” This is a fantastic bedtime read to share with wiggly little ones on Valentine’s Day!

The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond; 6.99; HarperTrophy; Ages 3-7

One day, it rained hearts, and Cornelia Augusta knew just what to do. She caught them and carefully crafted each unique heart into the perfect valentine for one of her friends. This thoughtful tale is a classic that simply must be shared with the next generation of valentine-makers!


Love the Beastie: A Spin-and-Play Book by Henrik Drescher; 12.95; Workman Publishing; Ages 3-7

Finally! A Valentine’s book for children and their pets! Poor Beastie is tormented by Paul and Judy, until one day he snaps and swallows them whole. After learning their lesson in the cavernous darkness of his belly, Beastie spits them out, and (voila!) they’re all friends again. The three spend their days playing games of hide and seek and dress up, followed by rigorous teeth brushing and snuggle time before bed. This quirky touchy-feely pop-up book has just the right amount of zany hilarity to keep your little monster laughing.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith; 17.99; Poppy Books; Ages 12-16

Amanda describes this title as: A story of finding love in the oddest of places, this one takes place in a 24-hour-period, following 17-year-old Hadley as she travels to London for her father’s second wedding. Though running incredibly late for this wedding she wants nothing to do with, Hadley manages to meet the perfect guy in the terminal, and he happens to be on the same plane. In the same row. A sweet and funny series of events ensue and the reader is given an adorable, cozy first love story. Did I mention the cute guy with the accent?

There are more Valentine’s books featured front and center at the store. Stop by and check them out!


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