A magical read!

At Castle Glower, Tuesdays are the best days. Tuesdays are when the castle decides to add a new room,  and its occupants never know what will come next. The castle definitely has a mind of its own, making for a very exciting life for Celie, the youngest of the three royal children, who loves her life at the castle and is really the only one who truly understand how it operates.

When Celie’s parents, the King and Queen of Castle Glower, go missing and are presumed dead, Celie has to use her skills with understanding the castle’s quirks to help save her home from invaders. Exciting and charming at the same time!
Great for readers who love a subtle fantasy story. The plot doesn’t have a whole lot of over-the-top magical elements, but rather uses the castle as a gentle addition to a plot focusing on kidnapped parents and the threat of a kingdom takeover. A whimsical adventure!
Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George; $16.99; Bloomsbury; Ages 10+

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