Eyewitness Books for the Holidays!

Eyewitness Books are favorites of all of ours here at the store. We love to recommend them to those of you looking for a great book for a child you may not know very well or just as an alternative to fiction. Stories are great, but if you aren’t sure of what the gift recipient likes or doesn’t like, these books are definitely an excellent choice.

We have lots of subjects on hand, from Mythology to World War II, Medieval Time to Forensic Science. Dogs, Sharks, Pirates and even Robots! So many cool things to learn about!

These books are chock full of facts, bold photographs and illustrations, timelines, maps, and all sorts of awesome details for the reader to explore. Fun to simply look at and incredibly educational, without being boring!

If you have a subject in mind, we would be happy to help find you a title that fits and if you just need a suggestion, we’re up to that challenge as well. We’re also great at pairing up an Eyewitness title with a fictional book for a double dose of excellent reading! Just ask!

Eyewitness Books; DK Publishing; Ages 8+


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