Snapshot of an author visit

Last Friday, I took authors Jon and Pamela Voelkel to a local school to talk about their wonderfully exciting adventure books, the Jaguar Stones series.  Dressed in khaki, looking for all the world like jungle explorers, Jon and Pamela took the kids, ages 9-13, on an exciting tour of Mayan culture, rain forest inhabitants, and rocking out.  The kids learned to call like a howler monkey (they were VERY good at it!), play in an air guitar band, and, probably best of all, got to see their teachers try a snack of fried meal worms!

Personally, I learned a lot about Mayan culture, saw a lot of creatures that I’d prefer never to meet in person, and was thoroughly entertained by the multimedia show put on by the authors.  The Voelkels are charming, entertaining, and passionate about what they do — a winning combination, producing a great series for kids 9 and up.

We have autographed copies, so get them while you can!

Jaguar Stones, Book 1, Middleworld, by J&P Voelkel, EgmontUSA, $8.99 (paperback)

Jaguar Stones, Book 2, End of the World Club, by J&P Voelkel, EgmontUSA, $16.99 (hardcover)


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