A Monster Calls is a must-read!

Amanda loves A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness!

Some of my absolute favorite books to sell to customers are those in the “Chaos Walking” series by Patrick Ness. Shelved in our Teen section, they are action-packed, great for reluctant readers, and an awesome choice for adults, as well as teens, male or female. All-around great writing and definitely page turners. Try putting them down before finishing!

The latest book from Ness is definitely a far cry from those dystopian/sci-fi novels I love, but is just as impactful on the reader. Telling us the story of a boy dealing with his mother’s cancer diagnosis and her treatment process, we learn he is visited by a monster who the boy believes can cure his mom. Heart pounding and heartbreaking all in one.

Beautiful writing is paired with dark and bold illustrations that often will take the reader several moments to decipher exactly what they’re looking at. The graphic elements add a richness to the book and allow Coner and his story to hit your heart even harder.

Recommended for readers that love and appreciate a deep and meaningful story, with a bit of edge.

And if you haven’t checked out the “Chaos Walking” series, I definitely recommend those as well!

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness; $16.99; Candlewick; Ages 12+


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