Book Speak: Poems About Books

Everyone needs a little poetry in their lives and what better to read than poems about books? Author Laura Purdie Salas  has created a wonderful collection of book-related poetry, perfect for reading with all ages.

Poems like “Calling All Readers” encourage us to put down our remotes and controllers and take an adventure within a book, and “Cliffhanger” brings us into the world of suspenseful endings. You’ll be able to feel the excitement of a great cliffhanger after reading that poem!  Our favorite here at Hooray for Books! would have to be “Lights Out at the Bookstore,” in which anxious readers await the closing of a bookstore (when the real party begins, of course).

Colorful, collage illustrations bring a sense of whimsy and charm to this lovely poetry collection. A beautiful gift for a child…or an adult who loves books!

Book Speak: Poems About Books by Laura Purdie Salas; $16.99; Clarion Books; Ages 5+


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