ZooZical by Judy Sierra is Ridiculously Cute!

ZooZical Book Cover “One blustery morning, when frosty winds blew, When families stayed home, and when field trips were few, The midwinter doldrums arrived at the zoo.”

So starts this tale of winter at the zoo where the animals are so bored their spots are falling off and the snakes are tying themselves in knots. What are the animals to do? Why, put on a singing, dancing, acrobatical extravaganza! The animals work on their routines, their songs, and their costumes and sets; they make posters, etc. to have the “who’s who” of the town come to the event. Will it be a success?

What makes this book so cute is the rhyming text, as well as the bright illustrations and added humorous extras: the seals singing their rendition of “The Wheels on the Bus”, the porcupine singing “Oh my darling porcupine.” The book also takes the musical story all the way from idea through final bow, giving readers a complete tale.

A great book for those who love animal tales and who are looking for the next best thing after reading Circus Ship.

Zoozical by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Marc Brown; 2011; Alfred A. Knopf Publishing; 3-6; $17.99


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