Get caught up in Relic Master!

Catherine Fisher, author of the Young Adult books Incarceron and Sapphique, has written a totally unique series of books for slightly younger readers. Starting in May we’ve received a display each month, with the fourth book in the series arriving just today! Do you know what that means for eager readers?? NO WAITING! You can stop by the store and pick up each of the books in the series, without having to wait a year or years in between titles. Very cool!

Aimed at those ages 12 and up, the “Relic Master” books combine science fiction and technology with lots of thrills, adventure, and a whole lot of mystery! Readers will follow Galen and Raffi throughout the books as they attempt to save Anara and stay alive at the same time. Great books to read at the end of summer!

Book 1: The Dark City

Book 2:The Lost Heiress

Book 3: The Hidden Coronet

Book 4: The Margrave

Relic Master series by Catherine Fisher; $16.99; Dial Books; 12+


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