What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

 Mclean is completely and utterly lost in terms of knowing who she is and what she wants out of her life. Each time she moves to a new town with her restaurant-flipper dad, she reinvents herself and changes her name. She’s been the quiet one, the overachiever, the popular girl, etc., always trying to escape her real life that includes a mom that had an affair, an eventual divorce between her parents, and a dad who can’t even watch their favorite team play basketball anymore…something they’ve always bonded over.

This latest move begins the same as all the others: new restaurant, new house, new name, but Mclean can’t quite figure out who she wants to be in this town. She actually begins making real friends, including Dave, a guy who makes her think about herself in a way she’s never quite managed before. As time passes, Mclean starts to be herself, forgive some people, and discover a lot about her family she never thought she could deal with.
Sarah Dessen is the queen of realistic, contemporary fiction for teens. Her characters are well-written and come across as honest and believable. If you’re looking for a great read to start off your summer, think about picking up What Happened to Goodbye or any others by Sarah Dessen.
What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen, $19.99, Viking Press, 9780670012947, Young Adult

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