Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

If you like supernatural teen fiction, you will love Paranormalcy.  Evie is a heroine with pizazz and spunk.  As the only human who can see through any  paranormal creature’s glamor, Evie’s job is to capture and neutralize dangerous paranormal creatures such as hags, vampires, and the occasional werewolf.  While her job can be very exciting, living in an underground compound surrounded by adults and paranormal creatures can be pretty tedious.  Things get interesting for Evie, though, when she develops a crush on an almost normal paranormal guy.

This is an engaging story with lots of fun characters and a heroine worth emulating. Evie is a strong girl who does not let other people tell her who she is.  Kiersten White’s story is clean enough for pre-teens yet engaging enough for older teens. Parents who object to dark themes will be pleased with the tameness in this teen novel.  Paranormalcy has an exciting plot, a fabulous heroine, and a great message of empowerment.

Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White; HarperTeen; $16.99; Ages 12 and up


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