Beware of the The Talent Thief

The Talent Thief, by Alex Williams

Children and young adults all over the world are brought together for the Festival of Youthful Genius to celebrate their talents.  Intellectual minds, renowned singers, brilliant composers, athletes of prowess converge on the city of Paralin for a weekend of display and competition of each of their respective talents.  But the host and organizer of the Festival, Fortescue, has a dastardly motive for the gathering; he plans to steal each and every one of the talents  from the youthful geniuses.

Adam Bloom, who has no real talent of his own other than his admiration of and praise for his sister Cressida’s signing ability, is accompanying her to the Festival. He stumbles upon Fortescue’s plan as well as the strange creature that Fortescue is using to steal the talents. With a former race car driver, his sister and a sheepherder by his side, Adam gives chase across the countryside to rescue and return the talents, battling avalanches, a booby-trapped mansion and kidnapping.  Will he accomplish his personal mission? What will he discover about himself during his journey?

For young folks aged 9-12, genius or not, The Talent Thief takes readers on a wild ride of adventure. The story is filled with colorful characters–both heroes and villains–and near escapes from diabolical and desperate situations. Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger, driving you to read on to the end of the story. Good for reading to yourself or for reading aloud.

The Talent Thief, by Alex Williams (Philomel) ; Ages 9-12; $16.99


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