Rebecca’s Fabulous Friendship Finds!

Here are a few of my favorite tales celebrating the power of friendship!

Welcome Home Mouse, by Elisa Kleven

Elisa Kleven’s delightful tale explores friendships of all shapes and sizes! When clumsy Stanley the elephant sets out to the grocery store, his ball mistakenly crashes in on Mouse’s cottage! With a little creativity, however, Stanley and Mouse rebuild the little critter’s home, forming a friendship as well as a cozy new house for Mouse! Kleven’s vivid, intricate  illustrations are mesmerizing, capturing a colorful, charming world with the turn of every page. page. Welcome Home Mouse, by Elisa Kleven, Tricycle Press. Ages 3-6

Everyone Needs a Friend, by Dubravka Kolanovic

Jack the wolf lives a quiet life in the hills. While he spends his days making jam, knitting scarves,and picking berries, he never has a friend to join him. Everything changes one winter night when Walter the mouse come trekking over the hills, looking for some shelter for the night. Walter and Jack discover all the things they can do together! Even though Jack gets angry when the new house guest begins to make a mess, he eventually learns that friendship is more important than spilled jam! Everybody Needs a Friend is filled with soft and gentle pastel  illustrations!

Everybody Needs a Friend, by Dubravka Kolanovic, Price Stern Sloan (An Imprint of Penguin Group) publishing. Ages 3-6


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