Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway Fib Author Visit

Author Darren Farrell was in our store September 5, 2010 reading from his premiere picture book, Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway Fib. Doug-Dennis, a sheep, tells a fib to his friend Ben-Bobby. It starts out small, but soon gets to be soooo big that the fib carries Doug-Dennis high up into the sky. How will Doug-Dennis get back to the ground and his friend?

Many folks entered their own fibs into our flyaway fib contest, such as “Snicker Doodles? I think daddy ate them.” and “I didn’t touch your piggy bank. The dog flew up there and knocked it down.”  Darren Farrell enjoyed all the fibs he read and chose to illustrate a handful of them which will be displayed in our store. Come in and see them.

Check back on our website soon for photos of Darren, the fibs and some video clips and check out, Darren Farrell’s website, too. It’s awesome and will make your IQ go up 37 points each time you read it (according to Doug-Dennis).


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