Christmas In July, Alexandria, VA

Though the weather was hot, hot, hot, children of all ages and families of all kinds let their thoughts turn to snowmen, Christmas bells and snowflakes–all cookie shapes being sold at the Firehook Bakery on Union Street in Alexandria for Christmas in July. In addition to Santa’s favorite holiday treat, the crowd enjoyed some favorite holiday stories courtesy of Hooray For Books! Children’s Bookstore storytellers. Children were entranced by Bear fighting sleepy eyes and stifling yawns during the holidays in Bear Stays Up for Christmas; a duck who had been nice all year, until he eats all of irresistible cookies that he left out for Santa in Have you been Naughty or Nice?; and a certain someone with a heart two sizes too small in the perennial favorite, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. With such good stories, good cheer and good cookies, the mood was anything but grinchy, resembling more the festive mood of the Whos as they awaken on Christmas Day.

One little blonde-haired girl demonstrated that she would have no problem counting the days until Christmas, as she counted candy canes, presents, Christmas trees and other holiday objects  in A Christmas Present for Me. She’d be adept at picking Santa out of a crowd — she was the first to spot him in the background of an illustration in Bear Stays Up for Christmas.

While the weather called didn’t call for any type of precipitation, the revelers were treated to something spectacular falling from the sky as they exited Firehook–bubbles! Next door to Firehook, Ben & Jerry’s window bubble machine was in full operation, helping to add a touch of magic to the afternoon. And just in case you want to know, as of Sunday, July 18, there are only 159 days left until Christmas!

For more information or to order any of the books mentioned here, contact Hooray For Books! Children’s Bookstore, 703-548-4092, For those who missed these particular storytime readings, take heart, Hooray for Books! Children’s Bookstore does regular storytime readings which are just as magical no matter what the time of year. Visit for complete information.


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