Willoughby & The Moon

Rebecca’s Pick: Willoughby & The Moon, by Greg Foley

In Greg Foley’s whimsical tale, Willoughby Smith finds it difficult to sleep without the moon’s comforting glow. Curiously enough, he discovers the moon hiding in his closet. Sitting on top of  it is a large, glowing, snail searching for his favorite silver ball. Thus begins Willoughby’s magically inventive quest to find the snail’s beloved toy. Willoughby remains brave throughout his adventure whether searching behind the scary rocks, riding in a moon buggy, or soaring in a space pod. However, when the snail decides to search a deep, dark cave for his ball, Willoughby becomes afraid. At first he waits outside while the snail searches, but eventually faces his fears when he becomes worried for his new friend. Read on to find out what lies within the cave and how Willoughby’s adventure comes to a close. While Foley’s story is captivating and clever, it is his illustrations that are truly unique. Set against glossy black pages, Foley plays with half tones and metallic silvers. He combines cartoon sketches with computer graphics, creating a product that is truly extraordinary. Willoughby & The Moon is a sweet tale with a nice message as well as an artistic masterpiece!

Willoughby & The Moon, by Greg Foley, Harper Collins Publishers,$18.99, Ages 3 and up.


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