Please Take Me for a Walk by Susan Gal

Join a rambunctious puppy as he tries to convince his owner to take him for a walk! Our doggie friend details all the fun things to do outside–chasing cats, greeting the florist and the bookseller, watching kids play, catching a frisbee, and even meeting other canine pals! How could anyone possibly resist saying yes to this exuberant ball of energy?

Susan Gal’s text is sparing and upbeat, always returning to a familiar refrain of “please take me for a walk.” Her texturally inspired illustrations capture perfectly the action of the story, especially when depicting the gleeful hero of the tale.  Little ones will be entranced by this delightful picture book–and its furry protagonist!

Stop by the store and flip through this rollicking adventure! Hooray for good books!

–Miss Megan

Please Take Me for a Walk, Susan Gal, Knopf Books for Young Readers, pub. May 2010, Ages 3-6


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